What is a selfie station?

Our revolutionary selfie station lets you take a memorable pose, obtain your photo printout immediately, and instantly share the fun on social media…. It has effectively rendered the traditional photo booth obsolete. Please watch the following collection of short fun videos that shows how the Selfie Station provides amazing joy and excitement at every event you could ever host.

Preview the Selfie Station in action!


For Features, I love the presentation on the site: “My Selfie Kiosk”. I have not copied the information on the site. However I have written mine to share some similarities and resemblances. Please use the right icons to reflect the feature being described (see above site):


Let the Selfie Station professional Dye Sub Printer render your photos with a stunningly postcard quality and clarity. Prepare to be marveled.


Let your guests readily email their pics right from the Selfie Station screen…exciting!


Specify custom hashtags and captions for your guests and watch them get hooked.


Your guests will be able to post to their Pinterest boards.

Green Screen

Virtually transport your guests to any land mark or any part of the world with the magic of Green Screen technology of the Selfie Station.


Brand your event with a custom frame. Include your logo to all your social media posts. How cool is it to add your logo to all your pictures.


Your guests can instantly text their pics as they are taken, with your custom captions.


Your guests will be very excited to post their photos directly to Facebook.


This is really cool, very cool and your guests will agree when they post their pictures directly on Instagram.

Video Messaging

Your guests would be enthusiastic about leaving up to ten seconds of video that you will enjoy for many many years.

Animated Gifs

Let your guests provide moving icons and banners using Animated Gifs.

Great Props

Your guests will love our props. Feel free to bring your own props. We can also guide you on customizing props relevant to your event.


Selfie Station Attendant

Joy Selfie Company ensures that a Selfie Station knowledgeable attendant will be on hand to lend expertise as well as maximize the fun experience for your guests.